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Advertising Services is focused on Brand Response media sales that yield larger response, better conversion rates and innovate product integration solutions that help advertisers and agency partners meet CPM, CPP and GRP goals. 

Performance One Media owns, operates and distributes its own suite of networks, platforms and content to millions of targeted viewers and consumers. We are field-experts in optimizing inventory to maximize revenue opportunities and monetize content. 

We place Television :15's, :30's, :60's, :90's and :120's along with Digital Advertising on a CPM basis- with :10s, :15s and :30s. an array of programming-based Product Integration opportunities to reach more viewers, in a more meaningful way for longer periods of time.

 Branded Content | Product Integrations | Advertiser Interviews | Closed Caption Sponsors| Product Placements

Our Product Integration opportunities connect Brands with Consumers through a more engaged experience, in a format that can't be skipped or blocked and influences ad-recall, response and purchase intent!


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